At Enhanced Network, we offer a Telemarketing Service whereby we will run tailored campaigns for your practice, in order to arrange for you to meet with potential clients with the view of you gaining a new client.

Having a telesales team with proven results is one of the most effective methods of canvassing potential new clients. The convenience of an independently managed telesales operation is beneficial for a number of reasons:

• Time – You don’t have to manage a team yourself, so you can focus on your core business activities,

• Experience – You don’t have to learn the telesales market in order to train staff.

• Support – The support is already there as we already have a team, thus saving time and money.

• Flexibility – You don’t have to employ your own staff so if you feel you have enough appointments for the time being, give us a minimum of 2 weeks notice and we’ll pause your campaign.

We offer a simple and straightforward service, which includes:

• Appointment Booking

• Fire-Up Calls

• Confirmation Calls

• Post Meeting Follow-up Calls

You will only be charged a percentage of the new clients’ first years recurring fees, upon conversion.

For more information on how our Telemarketing Service can help you, contact us:

0844 35 777 15