Independent Insolvency Practitioners

With the current economic climate still very much in a bleak state, it is quite probable that some of your clients will be suffering financial hardship and some of them may be on the brink of insolvency. Thankfully we are able to recommend the very best Insolvency Practitioners (IP) in the UK who will be able to instigate recovery packages.

Even in good times, it is vital your practice provides an IP service to your clients as things can go bad in an instant and the sooner the situation is dealt with by our specialists the better.

They are able to provide the practical support and advice needed to turn precarious situations around.

How we can help

If your clients' are experiencing any of the warning signs below, please contact us for a confidential, no obligation chat to discuss your situation:


  • If your clients have received or been threatened with legal actions such as County Court Judgments, Statutory Demands or a Winding-up/Bankruptcy petition, we can help protect your business and assets
  • If creditors (including HMRC) are threatening to wind up and close your clients' business, we can negotiate a Time to Pay agreeement, while putting in place a procedure to protect the business and keep your clients in control
  • If creditors are threatening to stop supplies, we can assist in negotiations for supplies to be continued
  • If there is a dispute between directors or shareholders, we can assist in resolving this with minimal effect on the underlying business
  • If your clients' bank has reduced or removed your facility, or is demanding personal guarantees or security, we can assist in negotiating new terms
  • If your clients' have a lack of working capital or cash flow, we can help turnaround your business


  • If your clients' creditors (bank loans, overdrafts, credit cards etc) are pressing for payments that you cannot afford, we can help negotiate new payment terms
  • If creditors are threatening to send bailiffs to your clients' house to remove goods, we can put procedures in place to protect you from this
  • If your clients' have a tax liability they cannot afford to pay, we can help negotiate a Time to Pay agreement with HMRC
  • If your clients' have received or been threatened with legal actions such as County Court Judgements, Statutory Demands or a Bankruptcy petition, we can help protect their home and other assets
  • If your clients' have mortgage or rent arrears, we can help to negotiate an affordable payment plan
  • If your clients' are "asset-rich" but "cash-poor" and are finding it hard to afford day to day living expenses, we can assist in restructuring their finances to relieve the pressure


  • We can advise you on the cost/benefit of the various options available to your clients' to recover any monies owed to them
  • If your clients' decide to pursue a formal insolvency procedure against a business or individual, we can advise them on how to do this and we can act in the procedure if they are successful


  • If your clients' are worried about their position as a director of a struggling business, we can advise them on their duties, and what steps to take to protect themselves from criticism and financial penalties
  • If your clients' wish to purchase the business or assets from a failing company, we can advise them on how this can be carried out legally.

Both the Corporate and Personal IP services provided offer exceptional levels of service to all size businesses, ranging from helping with director disputes for larger companies to smaller personal bankruptcy.

To find out more, call us on 0844 357 7715 or send us an email via the Contact Us page.