Health and Safety

Clients of yours whether they are small, medium or large face a minefield of increasingly onerous health & safety legislation. Breaches can result in crippling fines and criminal records not to mention the cost of court cases, which are very expensive even if won. The problems most of your clients face nowadays is actually knowing the depth of the health & safety laws, what they actually cover and trying to keep up to date with the constant changes in the law.

Our health & safety support supplier will enable your clients to negotiate the perils and pitfalls. Their services are tailor-made to suit each of your clients’ individual needs. They will help your clients install their Health and Safety Management System within 3 months of the initial visit to your clients’ premises and create personalized documentation for each client.

With your clients’ input, safety policies, procedures, records, handbooks and manuals are individually tailored for them. A detailed report from our supplier will be sent to your client, outlining areas where improvements can be made.

By supplying your clients with this vital service, you are adding value to the services that you may already be providing.

Tribunals are to blame for a large proportion of the uninsured losses that a business makes, so help your clients out now with this “prevention is better than cure” service!

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